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In an Ethics proceeding, a member of the public or another REALTOR® member files a Complaint alleging a violation of one or more Articles of the Code of Ethics by a REALTOR® member. The complaint is sent to the Grievance Committee, to determine if the facts taken for face value could represent a possible violation of the Code. The committee is responsible for a determination – to send or not to send – the complaint forward to a hearing.

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Arbitration is the formal process of determining who is the procuring cause and other factors of a sale. The awards are rarely “split”, more commonly there is a prevailing party and a non-prevailing party. An Arbitration hearing is held after a Grievance Committee determines that it is a properly arbitral issue and meets all other criteria that would send the request to a hearing.

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Mediation is a less formal process that requires both Managing Brokers meet with a trained Mediator to work out a resolution for their commission dispute.  A successful Mediation is often referred to as a ‘win-win. The Mediator is a neutral party that can see past the emotion of the deal.  Mediation is binding if a resolution is reached, but if the parties cannot agree they then may proceed to Arbitration.

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Real estate transactions can be complex. For members of the public, it helps to have someone knowledgeable about real estate practices to answer basic questions or work to resolve minor disputes.

Sometimes a member is unable to resolve a dispute with another member. Illinois REALTORS® has a team of Ombudsmen who work with consumers and REALTORS® to resolve disputes.

How it works: Any member of the public or an association member who has a question about or dispute with a REALTOR® can get assistance. The case will be assigned to a specially trained Ombudsman who will work with a complainant to resolve the issue.

Since it was founded in 2013, the program has seen nearly three-fifths of complaints handled to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

The program does not offer legal advice, but Illinois REALTORS® representatives can offer guidance on next steps to take, resources for information and can act as an intermediary in some disputes. The program has been able to clean up numerous misunderstandings and/or communication issues since its inception.

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Illinois REALTORS® follow the REALTOR® Code of Ethics which outlines standards of professional practice.

If a dispute arises with a REALTOR® pertaining to several provisions of the Code, complaints may be filed for review by a panel of Illinois REALTORS®  members which specializes in ethical standards.  The complaints, which can be filed anonymously, can come from REALTORS® or REALTORS®’ clients.

How the service works
1.     If a filing is found to meet the program’s standards, a Citation Panel will review the case. If the Citation Panel believes a violation has occurred, a citation will be issued to the Respondent, along with a set fine.
2.     The Respondent has the opportunity to pay the fine within 30 days or request a hearing before an Ethics Hearing Panel. Fines range from $250 to $1,000, depending on the nature and severity of the violation. The panel can also mandate training or other remedies.
3.     If a hearing is requested by the Respondent, the complaint will be sent to the Grievance Committee for review.

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