• Together we can protect homeowners, the rights of private property owners, and your real estate business!
  • Homeownership remains priority one at HAR with advocacy programs in place through the local, state and national associations alleviating the red tape and legal liability that can often be associated with selling real property. Rest assured, these programs operate solely off voluntary contributions and promote the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates.  
  • The HomeTown Association of REALTORS® encourages its members to become involved and knowledgeable about issues impacting their businesses, the real estate market, and their own pocket books. There are three ways that members should be involved; vote, participate, and donate.
  • Vote
  • Every REALTOR® should vote in every single election. Did you know that the most impactful elections to the real estate industry happen in odd year municipal elections?  The candidates elected in these off year elections make decisions every day that can impact your business in meaningful way.
  • Respond to Calls to Action, which allow you to let your voice be heard with two clicks of the mouse.
  • Stay informed through the REALTOR® Party
  • Donate
  • Support RPAC which promotes the election of non-partisan, pro-REALTOR® candidates in elections at local, state and national levels. These candidates are standing up for private rights and the business of real estate A $35 fair share donation, saves you thousands of dollars a year in burdensome taxes, fees, and regulations.