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Our Appraisers

Acorn Appraisal Van Tassel, Philip 815-498-4595
Action Appraisal Trenholm, Kyle 815-234-4175
AJ Quartell Appraisal Quartell, Anthony 563-244-0742
Akers Group Appraisal Services Inc Merriman, Robert 815-761-6061
Akers Group Appraisal Services Inc Akers, Mark 815-757-7755
Appraisal Associates of NW Illinois Langenfeld, Diane 815-285-4300
Appraisal Concepts Barraza, Karen 815-718-2971
Appraisal Options Beswick, Peggy 815-499-7870
ARC Appraisals Lofquist, Steven 563-212-3285
ARC Appraisals Bielema, Amy 815-772-2727
ARC Appraisals Martin, Jay 815-772-2727
ARC Appraisals Bartlett, John 815-772-2727
ARC Appraisals Rannfield, Jacie 563-357-5426
Art Johnson Appraisal Didier, Michael 815-440-5158
Associated Appraisals Inc Youngren, Teresa 309-242-4844
Blue Appraisals McCombie, Tony 815-541-8684
Clarkson Appraisal Services Norman, Keith 309-737-9963
Connie Stewart Appraisal Stewart, Connie 815-499-2365
DataSource Appraisal Jackson, Daniel 309-269-5601
Esterday Appraisal Service Esterday, Kenneth P 815-562-4533
EZ Appraisals Erickson, Daniel 309-269-7874
Integrity Appraisal Service Powell, Gaylon 815-756-4618
Jacobson & Associates Storey, Jennifer 815-677-4868
Jacobson & Associates Jacobson, Jeff 815-899-6150
Jacobson & Associates Jacobson, Roger 815-899-6150
Jean Smith Realty & Appraisal Tallitsch, Patty 815-766-2027
Koestner & Associates Koestner, Richard 563-355-8572
MDH Appraisals Hillmann, Michael 309-314-3105
MGW Appraisal Services Inc Waddell, Bradley 815-901-5751
Midwest Appraisal Service Aris, Anthony 815-275-0197
Midwest Appraisal Service Herbig, Ryan 815-291-8811
MS Home Appraisals Sims, Michelle 630-329-3533
Norton Appraisal Service Norton, Diane 815-378-4853
Palmer Appraisal Palmer, Roger 815-754-6445
Peterson Appraisal Service Peterson, Lori 815-734-7748
Rally Appraisal Hopwood, Mark 815-229-3331
Rally Appraisal Kelley, Chad 815-229-3331
Rally Appraisal Prentice, Courtney 815-229-3331
Rally Appraisal Demory, Joe 815-229-3331
Rock River Appraisal Holz, William 815-262-6583
Sugar Stone Appraisals Lauer, Stephen 773-594-1860
Sugar Stone Appraisals Klein, Amy 773-428-2691
Zim Appraisals Zimmerman, Cory 815-541-3227

Our Attorneys

Ehrmann, Gehlbach, Badger Lee & Considine Gehlbach, Gary 815-288-4949
The Law Office of Riley N Oncken PC Oncken, Riley N 815-991-2098
Ward Murray Pace Johnson Hawkins, Daniel 815-625-8200

Our Exterminators

Melton Pest Control Inc  Melton, Jerry 815-590-3094

Our Home Inspectors

ALLIN Home Inspections Inc  Musgrave, Michael 877-535-0990
Advanced Home Inspections Inc Wahlgren, Eric 815-827-5030
Pinnacle Home Inspection Services Tira, Mark 815-441-7911
ALL Home Inspection Malone, Ken 815-751-1875 
Precision Home Inspection Boyer, Ron 815-978-2108
DeKalb Area Radon Inspections Mooberry, Scott 815-501-7817
Rock River Home Inspection Henkel, Thomas 815-359-3408
Sword Home Inspections Sword, Jason 815-541-8933
Tom Niehaus Home Inspections Niehaus, Tom 815-985-2623
Pillar to Post Rogers, Autumn 815-540-6302
Our Insurance Companies
Allstate Insurance Shafer, Patrick 815-764-9524
Allstate Insurance Latimer, Steven 815-761-4813
Allstate Insurance Baars, Michael 815-757-7720
Sauk Valley Insurance White, David 815-973-2541

Our Lenders

Compeer Financial Rodebaugh, Leigh 815-656-2567
Envoy Mortgage Hartje, Shane 815-742-5323
First Centennial Mortgage Koehling, Jeff 815-758-5800
First Midwest Bank Criddle, Heather 815-758-2600
First National Bank Schrader, Brian 815-754-5065
First National Bank of Amboy Lilja, Franny 815-857-3625
FNB Mortgage Group Hunter, Stephanie 815-762-9744
Pioneer State Bank Helgesen, Jody 815-246-8411 X102
Pioneer State Bank Campbell, Torie 815-246-8411 X104
Resource Bank Williams, Bertha 815-756-6321
Source 1 Mortgage Madden, Todd 815-899-5626
Sterling Federal Bank Davis, Brendyn J 815-535-1248
Sterling Federal Bank Hall, Greg 815-441-4406
Stillman Bank O'Gorman, Patrick 815-262-2595
U.S. Bank Dempsey, Sheila 815-622-2526 
U.S. Bank Miller, Chantel 815-284-2591

Our Title Companies

American Title Guaranty Inc. Johnson, Sue 815-756-3611
Chicago Title Hunter, Alex 815-758-5900
Fox Title Donna Westergren 815-899-3333
HB Wilkinson Bruggenwirth, Angie 815-626-1066

Our Well & Septic Evaluators

LEHP Management Inc Hatfield, William L 815-871-4911

Our Radon Testers

Julie Niehaus Radon Testing LLC Niehaus, Julie 314-799-7931